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19.Camp Ranger Dennis(non-registered)
Excellent capture of the Front Porch experience !...
18.Susan Dickerson(non-registered)
Thank you so much for the Engagement Photos, they are beautiful!
15.Michelle Martin(non-registered)
You do an outstanding job!
Fallon, thank you again so much for the wonderful pictures!! Our families are going to be so excited to get these as gifts and we're already planning where to put them all in the house!! They all turned out so amazing, you're the BEST!! Merry Christmas love!!
13.Stephanie Parkinson(non-registered)
Fallon! You make me want to be a photographer, this is so exciting seeing how much you have done! Your pictures look great, keep em coming! I love it!!!!!!
12.katrina cervero(non-registered)
OMG!!! I cant wait to see the rest of them! I love them all!! Thank you again so much!!
11.Katrina Cervero(non-registered)
I love looking at all of them! Your so awesome! Mike and I both thank you again so much for being at the wedding! We can't wait to see more of our photos! love ya! Mr.&Mrs.Cervero
10.Katie Tindall(non-registered)
The Photographs of the Stanger wedding are so beautiful! I did not get to go myself personally but vewing your pictues makes me feel as though I never missed a moment!
9.Patsy Harris(non-registered)
You are just AWESOME !!!
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